The Ounce.

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Hi, I'm Courtney! I used to be hifructosecornpoison.

I am engaged to my wonderful fiance Austin, and we live in Clearwater Beach, Florida. I'm half English, half American. I speak Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese. I have a Bachelor's degree in Visual Communications, and I am currently in school to become a licensed cosmetologist.

I'm 5'4" and 95 pounds. I have a rare intestinal disorder that keeps me from eating anything except pure protein. I do love to cook and bake, and I post pictures of my recipes here!

I blog about things I like and everything I find absolutely lovely xx

More about me: I am a reiki healer, psychic reader, surfer, bass player, singer, dancer, lover, fisher, skateboarder, creator, painter, sculptor, video gamer, & a midnight toker ;P

Anyways, feel free to ask me anything, I love talking with people and making new friends :)

Disney bound! Love my season pass

Darling, come closer. I want you in every way. On me, in me, around me. Let me feel all of you. I want your love brushed through my hair and down my shoulders, i want every kiss that you have. You come to me in dreams, you touch me wildly and take my heart away with you. It sleeps with you, it drinks the heavy passion of your love.


people who change pronouns when they do covers of songs so that they sound straight are weak

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